Jesse Serrato

Sales and Consulting and Strategy

Jesse Serrato is a sales consultant sharing content about creating customer success through conversation and sales. With an emphasis on building rapport with prospects and delivering tangible results on ambitious yet achievable timelines, he is committed to bringing value to customers around the world. Below are just some of the topics Jesse Serrato discusses on this website, sharing the impact of sales on the community and the greater good. 


Sales Consulting

Learn about sales consulting and how to create long-term impact for clients around the world. 

Building Relationships

Learn how to build long-term relationships with customers through unique touch points and conversations. 

Sales Strategy

Learn about new and innovative sales strategies from Jesse Serrato. From general principals to granular tactics. 

Jesse Serrato

"Once you establish meaningful rapport, you see growth happen exponentially.

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“If someone has the will and determination to give it their all, it comes down to one opportunity or chance to create a better life for themselves and their family.” 

Jesse Serrato

Jesse Serrato in the Media

Jesse Serrato has been featured for his experience in and practical knowledge on sales consulting and building relationships with customers. With an approach centred on building rapport with prospects, his articles have been featured in the media on platforms like Digital Journal, FOX 40, MarketsHerald, Times Business News and VENTS Magazine. Click on the button below to see all of his recents media features. 

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